Monitor Connection

I cannot connect to my Shot Monitor. What is wrong?

Shot Monitors are shipped from the factory in a “locked” state. If you have not yet unlocked your Shot Monitor, this needs to be done, but it only needs to be done once and never again. If you are not sure if your Shot Monitor is unlocked, tilt the paddle end down and see if the green light on the bottom shows a double blink every 5 seconds. If it does this for a while, then it is unlocked. If not, you will need to unlock the Shot Monitor so it may be connected: follow the instructions here.

If your Shot Monitor is unlocked and showing the double blink, but you still cannot connect, make sure your phone or tablet has Bluetooth (version 4.0 or later, also called BLE or Bluetooth Smart) capability and it is turned on. Turning on this functionality is typically done under the settings screen on your device. Bluetooth should be enabled (turned “on”). If the Bluetooth on your device is “on” and the Shot Monitor is showing a double blink every five seconds, then follow Step 3 of the instructions here to connect your mobile device to the Shot Monitor. Phone compatible with the Shot Monitor include: